Around the house

I have been working on my bathroom for the last couple of days, almost have the bathtub back to working order. I think the previous owner cleaned the tub with abrasive cleansers and destroyed the surface. It was almost impossible to get clean. It is now resurfaced. The fumes are now dissipating. I was not up to doing much else. I did get some reading done. I finished the sci-fi novel “Thrawn” by Timothy Zahn. I think Disney and LucasFilm did themselves a disservice by retconning the books and then trying to remake the Star Wars. They could have used all the books as a guide and created all new stories.

I have been able to view a few Udemy lectures. Here is the latest from the Blender one.

added a buckle (woo hoo!)

I did a few more for Krita but those were mostly various tools and how to use them.