So yesterday

Yesterday I went to load podcasts to a portable player and my server wasn’t on the network. Strange. I went to check the machine and it was off. It is on a UPS so it was not because of a power fluctuation. I pressed the power button, there was a brief flash of the power led and then nothing. At this point I don’t know if it is power supply or motherboard. I dismantled the PC and removed the hard drive. I was able to get it mounted through a USB dock but was not able to access the files in my home directory, they had been encrypted. Great. I figured I would need to boot from the disk and sign in to get the data. The PC that failed is Atom based. I had two other devices which are Atom based but they only had SATA and power hook ups for 2.5 inch drives. I was not able to use them. I then decided to start trouble shooting the machine. I took the power supply out and looked up the ATX pin layout. I shorted the pins to make power up but was only able to get very low voltages on the multi-meter. I then unplugged it and took the power supply apart. Sometimes a capacitor or diode goes and you can see it easily. This time is was a coil of some sort. I thought, that looks too dark. I could then see that the heat sink near it, looked like it had smoke marks. I was now convinced that the power supply was shot. The machine is pretty small and of course used a special power supply, but the connectors were standard. I grabbed a power supply I had laying around and hooked it up. I now had a Frankenstein’s monster but it booted up. I was able to sign in and had access to the files. I then grabbed a several terabyte external drive and manually mounted it. I then did a complete copy of the home directory and another directory that was used as a network share. I looked up the order for the system and found it was 9 years old. It took several hours to back up all the data. Fun stuff. I had not planned on doing that but hey what else can computer geek do?


I was able to get a few Udemy lectures on Krita and Blender done.

Before the computer fiaso I recorded another Gary’s Gadgets