Rust and a rusty grill


There is a programming language called Rust. It was created by the Mozilla foundation. You can read up on it here. Installing it on an Linux system was very simple. It takes some space once you get it set up. The Rust website has tutorials that look interesting. I am going to start with the learn Rust and then hopefully move to the Rust Web assembly book. I think the future of web development is definitely heading that way.


I have continued with the Udemy Blender Character course. It is still back to reviewing some basic principles. I did complete a couple of challenges.

low poly dagger
This is a low poly dagger.
low poly dagger with subsurface modifier applied.
Same dagger but with a subsurface modifier applied giving the smooth appearance.
A dagger, one had sword and a broad sword
Latest challenge was to make swords based on the first one.


I finished the Krita course. I will probably return to it from time to time to refresh my memory.

A while back I bought a gas grill replacement burner. My grill’s burner had rusted through and was causing part of the grill area to overheat and burn things. The replacement burner is generic so it did not fit without modification. The old burner had the two gas ducts spaced a bit apart, the new one they are right next to one another. The grill has two separate holes. I had to pull the flexible ducts sideways through the holes the gas supplies. This caused the burner to sit up higher than its standoffs provided. This is where pliers came in. I was able to bend the corner standoff to be more vertical and that did the trick. However, since the burner stood higher it did not align with the igniter, so I could no longer use the push button to light it. I don’t think this will be a problem because it was spotty at best before, so, I will just use a long lighter to get it going. I have now replaced the grill surface, the vaporizer and now the burner. For another $50 I could have had a completely new grill. Oh well.