Not Laughing

I added a couple of articles one just a list of what I did on my sabbatical and another of 3D modeling II.


I finished the Udemy Character Creation course. Here is the latest.

low poly count characters female on left and male on right
low poly characters
low poly characters with smoothing modifier, female on left and male on right
same as above but with a smoothing modifier
low poly characters with eyes, nose mouth and hair, female on left and male on right
Now with eyes, nose, mouth and hair


I have worked my way through some more of the Rust programming book. Rust has a concept called shadowing. You can create a variable named that same as another. I think this could lead to some weird problems. Also numeric variables when incremented will not overflow but wrap around, this could also be something hard to debug.


I started reading a book called “Thud!” by Terry Pratchett. This book is set in his Discworld, so there are humans, dwarves, trolls, vampires and other assorted species all living together in the same town.