The elephant on the post

I want to talk about the elephant on the post. It is not standing on a post, it is the featured image. That is all


I have been continuing learning about Rust. I have now covered structs, enum, match, and something called option<T>. Rust is designed not to use nulls. This means you have to handle your stuff at compile time rather than find out at run time. This also means you need to spend more time up front considering your options about handling the data properly. Rust can still handle the concept of a field not having a value using the option<t>.


I have finished reading Thud by Terry Pratchett. This is a novel from his Discworld. I found it slow going at the start. I think this is because I am not familiar with the Discworld and so there needed to be some world building done to bring new Discworld readers up to speed. The book is like a police procedure involving the city’s Watch. It was quite entertaining and had me laughing at times. I may have to check out other books in the series. Apparently there are 41 novels. Unfortunately Terry Pratchett will not be writing anymore as he died in 2015 from Alzheimer’s at age 66.

So many books so little time. I am a slow reader so it takes me a while to get through a book.