Mowing again.


I am still working my way through the Rust programming book. I just finished Chapter 7 Managing growing projects with packages, crates and modules. This is about how Rust organizes the sources and libraries.

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I did another video this time cover the Inchmate+ calculator.


Today I had some success concerning my lawn mower. I have a SunJoe 40V mower. The mechanism for height adjustment broke. It had been welded, as it turns out not much of a weld. The weld had only covered about half the way around the square rod. It failed. Had the lever that been square also it is possible I would not have noticed the failure. So they had a round hole on a square rod. Square on square and the weld would have just been needed to keep it from moving side to side, where the square sides would have taken up the tension. Oh well, I am sure they saved a quarter of cent per unit by making round holes instead of a square punch. Oh yeah, back to the fix. Last week I broke out the welder and attempted to weld it. I had an old self darkening helmet but the batteries were dead and not meant to be replaced. I tried to weld using a flip down always dark helmet, but the welder has a hair trigger and I was afraid I was going to flash my eyesight away. I decided to buy a new helmet of the self darkening variety. I found one on Amazon with good reviews at a decent price. I got the new one and it had one major problem. The sensor to trigger it to go dark was way to sensitive. I would have to be in an almost completely dark room before the viewport would lighten. This made it unusable. I contacted Amazon and they sent me a new one. This one functioned properly. Now, having a functioning helmet I was able to dial in the welder until I got a usable flow. I then proceeded to weld the heck out of the mower rear axle. I reassembled the mower and mowed the lawn. I made an error in the placement of the lever but it worked fine.

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