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I am still working through the Rust book. It just covered strings and hashmaps. The String in Rust is a complicated thing. You cannot just treat them like an array because of the way the characters are stored in varying number of bits. The HashMap is pretty much standard but it does have an interesting function. The results of accessing a Hashmap by key returns an Option type. This means if it does not find anything it returns the type None. Rust has a function that in one line you can test if the key already exists and if it doesn’t insert it. This looks to be something very useful.


I am still working on the horse. When trying to animate the horse, it distorts way too much. I have decided to retopologize the model and hopefully get a better flow of the geometry. Here is what the retop looks like so far.

Blender has a shrinkwrap modifier which allows you to follow the contour of a target model. I can take tutorials until I am blue in the face, but like a lot of things you only really learn it by doing.


Later this year is my highschool reunion so I decided to scan all the individual photos of each class member by page. I am now working through cutting out each one and then saving it with a number and name. It would be nice if everyone had a nice name like mine. Between my first and last name there are only five letters.

Gary’s Gadgets

I just got the Amazon Fire 7 tablet so I unboxed it and set it up. It was little frustrating at times but I got it done.