Updates and Backups

I started a new course on Udemy. This cover programming the Godot game engine. I also found that Krita course and the Complete Blender course have been updated so I will be going back to them.

Yesterday, I decided to upgrade my desktop computer. It was running Ubuntu Mate 16.04. At some point I updated the Nvidia graphics driver and it had been reporting an error after signing in. I upgraded to 18.04. It took a while to install all the updates. I would check it periodically and there were some dialogs where I had to decide about something like to keep the grub config file or use the new one. I looked at the differences for the Nginx webserver and decided I would keep my old config. So when it completed it had a dialog to restart. When it restarted, it only came up on one monitor. It did not recognize the monitor. It was getting late so I shut it down and figured I would work on it in the morning. I did some searches and found that this was a problem with upgrading to 18.04 with a Nvidia graphics card. I tried to find what other people had done to fix it and my machine would not return the information theirs would. I switched the machine to use the open source Noveau drivers. This did not help. I then switched to the 390 version of the Nvidia driver, this did not work. At this point I checked my apps folder and found the install for the latest Nvidia driver from Nvidia and attempted to install it. I tried running it from the command line and it erred saying I still had the X server running. I then CTRL ALT F1 and shutdown the server. I then ran the install but it erred. I checked the log and found that it erred trying to display the UI. So I rebooted the system with sudo shutdown -r now and waited. The system came up and when I signed on I had both monitors. Weird. Somehow I fixed it but don’t know how. I think that maybe the install script cleaned something up when preparing to install, it was that or magic.