I have been continuing with learning about Rust. I have recently learned about how to handle errors. Not that different from other languages in concept. I think I will also be working on some Python as I have an idea of taking a image file and converting it to a geometric design. I think I can do it in Python and then for speed I will try to re-implement it Rust

I have also continued with the Udemy course on Godot. It is slow going because they are covering programming as well as the Godot development environment. The language is GDScript which is based on Python.


I tried retopologizing the horse mesh but I think it may be better to start over with an idea of how the armature will control it. So in the mean time I decided to start a Blender model of another toy from my childhood. This time it is a little car that is shaped like an egg. Here is what I have so far.

Egg shaped toy car model work in process