I started working in Python again and now have the ability to read in a png file, manipulate the values and save a new png. I am using PyPNG, the png module in python. Originally I was using Python 2.7 but have moved up to 3.5. I have both versions of python running on my machine and need to install pip for python3. I decided to make a filter type program. The program can take a png and then depending what funtion I call, invert the values either above 127 or below 128 or both. So this is the graphic I used to test with.

small picture of my face

I then ran it with only modifying above 127.

Then with modifying below 128.

Then inverting the whole picture.

Now that I know I can read and write png files. I can move to my next step. I think that will be to pixelate the picture.

I also continued with the Udemy Godot course. It is very slow going, but I think it is best to go through this methodically.


I did some more work on the Eggcrate toy car.

I adjusted the size of the wheels, applied smoothing and add a dimple to the front.
I need to create some wheel wells, so here are some cylinders which I will then use a difference boolean.
The wheel well on the left I have edited to correct the deformation of the subsurface modifier. I will have to do the same for the right. I have a mirror modifier on egg so I only have to work on one side.
Here is what it looks like rendered.