A little Eggstra


I wrote a python script to simulate the Monty Hall problem. After getting the bugs out is can run 10000 sims in a few seconds. I plan on writing an article on it.


I finished the first module in the Udemy Godot course. The first project was to create a game where it asks for words and then inserts them into a story.


I did some more work on the eggcrate. I am working on cleaning up the boolean difference for the wheel wells. It is proving to be a little more difficult than I had anticipated. Here is what the model looks like.

There is a problem with the rear well towards the middle. Here is a zoomed in view.

It may not come across but there is a scaling appearance.


I started a project to create a solar powered fan for my back porch. It gets quite hot when the sun is beating down on it. I figure the small solar panels will only power it when the sun is shining but that pretty much is when it needs it the most.