Out standing

Several months ago I bought a dual monitor stand and it has been sitting near my feet at my desk until today. I finally opened it up an assembled it. It went together faster than I had anticipated. If I knew it would be this easy I would have done it when I got it. So now my monitors sit about 6 inches above the desk so that I no longer have to look downward. It also give more room below for activities. The stand is from Huanuo and cost only about $20.


I continued with the Rust book. It covered generic types which allow for creation of functions that can handle multiple data types. It then covered Traits. Traits are kind of like interfaces in other languages.


I am still taking the Udemy Godot course. We continue to add stuff to the the bunny platform jumper. We tweaked the handling of bumping into objects above and adding a parallax background. Then we added a game over screen. The player can jump around but if falls then the game is over. Adding obstacles and enemies I think comes later. Here is a video of what I have so far.