Lines! We have lines!


I found an algorithm(Bresenham’s line algorithm) for drawing lines is all directions so I implemented in python. I should have have realized earlier that I would have to deal will all the directions as I have run into that before while creating AI for a video game. So with this implemented I am now able to draw lines starting from top left to bottom right, bottom left to top right, bottom right to top left and top right to bottom right. These are the red and blue lines. The blue lines are slightly offset so they did not eliminate the reds ones entirely. I then used the new line function to draw the square and hexagon. I also started to write a routine for making a honeycomb using the hexagon. I figure it will wind up being recursive with a limit on the visible grid.


I started messing with the animation function in Krita. The tutorial on the Krita website seems to be a little behind as one of the first steps says to right click on the timeline and bring up the context menu. I did that and the option they showed was not there. Eventually I must have clicked something right and was able to get the onion skin to work. Onion skin is a feature that shows the previous and up coming cells in a different color and intensity. So here is a quick thing I made.