Hot enough


I worked on the Monty Hall Problem HTML5 Canvas app by implementing the logic for generating the doors by taking a random number between 0 and 2. This will be the prize in this case a car. I then assigned goats to the other two places. I then created a function to make a choice out the 3 doors by again using a random number. Then on to a function that reveals one of the two other doors, always a goat. Then modify the choice depending on the boolean for whether or not to switch. Finally a function to determine if the player wins. I now need to integrate the logic with the graphics and add some UI for selecting the door and then to stay or switch.

Heat can be your friend

I decided to create a 3D print to attach to my Amazon Fire7 tablet. The bezel on the side of the device does not leave room to hold it while reading without inadvertently scrolling or changes the page. I plan to to a youtube video on making one, showing the steps in FreeCAD. I went to print the object and found that for some reason the filament had broken. Since the part in the machine was short I decided to remove the piece and feed the filament from the roll. This did not work out to plan. When I started feeding it in the printer tried to push it in but could not. After some GoogleFu I found you could take a high E guitar wire and push it through the nozzle. It was not plugged at the nozzle. So after several more tries I figured I would have to tear it down. I took the feeder stepper motor off and found a blob of plastic blocking the tube. I had the printer warm up and tried to remove the blob. It just did not seem to be hot enough to change shape. I tried to think how I would heat it up. The answer was just about in my face. My soldering iron was next to the printer, I turned it on placed it against a brass tube piece that the blob was stuck. After a few minutes I was able to remove the blob. I reassembled the printer and had no extra parts. I then fed the filament and it was now flowing. After re-calibrating the surface I was able to print my piece.