I think time is speeding up.

Time is flying by. According to relativity theory time slows down closer you get to the speed of light. I must be moving through molasses.


I have made some progress on my canvas Monty Hall game. I have the main logic linked up with the exception of totaling game wins by choice. I do have a minor animation bug involving the doors opening.


I completed a project I did not mention before. I watch a youtube channel called Lehtos Law. Steve Lehto, a lawyer in Michigan makes a multitude of videos involving mostly legal issues. I have been watching his content for quite some time. At the end of his videos he has a line “Remember Milo & Wolfy” He occasionally mentions that they were his dogs for around 15 years. He then said in one video that they had appeared in the background sporadically in the early days. I then went to look them up but Mr Lehto is quite prolific and it would be a like looking for a needle in a haystack. But then one day he posted about Milo and Wolfy.

So I decided to make some Scalable Vector Graphics of Milo and Wolfy. I then had a shirt made and sent it to him. Here is the video of the mail episode. He opens the box at 5:25

He said he was going to wear it, so this was the next day.