Ohio LinuxFest 2019 – Linux Graphics Software so many choices

This past weekend was Ohio LinuxFest. I gave my talk and I think it went pretty good. There was some technical difficulties with the previous talk which bled into my talk. The previous speaker decided to tell the AV people he didn’t need the microphone. The room was half of the room used for the keynote. The microphone was still set up for the keynote so the mic next door was still being played over the speakers in this room. Had the previous speaker just let the AV people do their jobs I think this would have been taken care of during the switch over.  I thought it was inconsiderate for the previous speaker to decide the room did not need microphones just because he was a loud talker. As his talk went on I was getting anxious as he was getting close to my time and did not seem to be rapping up. I had practiced my talk an new I would need almost all my time. A talk should finish with about a 10 minute window for switching over speakers. People were starting to come in so I decided I should go to the front with my laptop and stand near the podium. He finally decided that he should rap it up. I then set up as quickly as I could,  the AV people came and set up a PA speaker and a microphone for me. I knew my talk was going to take quite a bit of time. I demoed 18 different Linux graphics applications. I would have to be head down for most of it so I needed the microphone. I still had most of the applications opened at the same time without issue, I had intended to close them as I went but forgot. I think I did close one. My talk was well attended and I had several people thank me for the information.

The slide deck can be found here