Another week



I have made some progress in the Rust book. I have made it through the features of Rust. The next step in the book is to write a command line program. It looks like the world needs another grep.



I have set up the Blender plugin and today was able to get the YerFace app to link to Blender. I set up an armature with 17 bones but I need to find out how to process them. Here is a screen capture of the app and blender.

I think the software is a little confused with my beard and mustache. It would probably help if I trimmed them.



I have been viewing the Udemy course on Blender. They have been updating it with 2.80 content. I decided to go ahead and start using 2.80. The interface is totally different and I spend a good bit of time just trying to figure out where things are located. I am going to model another toy from my childhood. I am starting with a wheel. It is a simple yellow wheel with protruding spokes. Here is my first try.

You probably can’t tell but my first attempt does not cut it. I am going to have to just create a single spoke and then using a modifier rotate and copy it 9 more times.