Happy Thanksgiving!


I have spent more time with Rust. The tutorial is not just dropping a language on me but showing how to properly set up a project so that you control the logic and error processing. Some tutorials in other programming languages just show the different reserved words , logic controls, operators and language features leaving you to think about error checking if it were to cross your mind.



I have worked some more on another toy. I fixed the problems with the yellow wheel and I think it looks pretty good now.

The side no longer has indents. The seam on the side is intentional as the wheel does have it from the manufacturing process.

Here is a red wheel. I will need to come back to it later to add details. For now I just want to get the basic shape so I can move on to other parts.


I also worked some more on YerFace!. I was able to connect up YerFace! and Blender. Here is a quick video of what I have it doing.