Day 3 of Advent of Code

Advent of Code started December 1 and runs through December 25th. I have been working on it.



Day 1 -The Tyranny of the Rocket Equation

Straight forward code in part 1 to calculate the needed fuel for the payloads, Part 2 also add the fuel for the needed fuel, so I used recursion.

## Day 2 – 1202 Program Alarm

The objective was create a very small space ship computer – fairly straight forward code.

## Day 3 – Crossed Wires

The objective of part 1 was find the closest intersection, I went down a rabbit hole trying to create a png of the wire layout. The data was way to big to have in memory and looked like it would never end. I rewrote the routine to only hold the actual wire coordinates. This used a fraction of the memory and finished in a reasonable amount of time. Part 2 take all the intersections and find the shortest route instead of distance. I had all the intersections from the first run and then iterated through all the points of the wires until the intersection was found and then report back the one with the lowest number of steps.



I did some more work on YerFace!