Advent of Code Day 19

## Day 18 – Many-Worlds Interpretation

Today’s challenge is to find keys and open doors. The input is a a large maze where. The task is to find the fewest steps to get the keys and open doors. This was aother BFS so I needed to check out Reddit to be able to solve this. The second part was to break down the maze to 4 parts and traverse them simultaneously. I needed to get better at BFS so here is a little video of maze solving.


##Day 19 – Tractor Beam

Today was another intcomputer challenge. Call the intcode with an x and y coordinate and get back an answer if they were in a tractor beams path. The first part was to count up the points in a 50×50 area. The second part was to find the closest point where a 100×100 square ship could be contained. This finding the first x coordinate of a row and checking if the upper kitty corner (x+99,y-99) was also in the beam.