Advent of Code Day 24 and Merry Christmas


##Day 20 – Donut Maze

Today was another maze with a twist, or more of a jump. The maze has multiple exits/entrances. So going from the start AA and then find an exit and then jump to the corresponding entrance. The second part was to create each jump as a recursive maze.

## Day 21 – Springdroid Adventure

Todays was another use of the intcomputer. The challenge was to program a robot to survey the hull of the ship for damage. The robots could jump over holes but if it miscalculated it would tumble into space. There were many robots that made the ultimate sacrifice. The first part was walking the second part was running and were differentiated by the number of available senors.

## Day 22 – Slam Shuffle

This challenge was to suffle a deck of 10007 cards. Part one was pretty straight forward. But I had a bug which caused an extra deal to occur at the end which reversed the output. I was trying to find a bug in my functions. I spent too much time doing that, when I noticed that my log had a last deal. I checked the input and there was no last deal. I had an extra new line in the input which was treated as an else in the main loop. Doh! Part 2 is a bunch of mathity math math stuff. Modular multiplicative inverse as explained by a redditor mcpower. There is no way I was going to come up with this. The redditor had a good explanation.

## Day 23 – Category Six

Another day using the intcomputer.This time the challenge was to spin up 50 instances and have them communicate with one another. Part one was to run until an address code of 255 was called and report back the third output value. Part two was to report back, the third output value when an instruction was sent to address zero a second time.

Day 24: Planet of Discord

This time it is bugs. Something similar to Conways Game of Life
Part 2 was involves recursion and I don’t have the time today to mess with that. I have another project that is more pressing.

I was not sure if I would finish the other project but I did here it is.

This is a song from my childhood I recorded off an old LP. I decided to do a quick animation.

Merry Christmas.