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I switched to Rust Webassembly
I installed wasm-pack. I then ran cargo install cargo-generate which failed. I was missing a library so I had to install  libssl-dev. I was then able to run the cargo generate.  I then had to update npm.   The next step was to run wasm-pack build when I ran into error[E0658]: use of unstable library feature.  Turns out I needed to upgrade rust  by running ‘rustup update” which is weird because  I had version 1.35 and the doc said “Ensure that we have Rust 1.30 or newer” one would think 1.35 is newer than 1.30 but now I have 1.40 and I was able then able to continue with the tutorial.  The tutorial has you create a version of Conway’s Game of Life


I have started wood working project to create a side table that will hold an PC and LCD monitor on an arm. I have so far been able to use wood around the house.